Anonymous reviews

How do other hosts feel about Anonymous reviews, especially if there isn't even a comment left, just a score? I do like to be able to respond to guests who have not thoroughly enjoyed their stay and to understand why and if necessary make changes. Personally, I would NEVER leave an anonymous rating as I understand how upsetting it is, and how it can impact upon a small business, I would contact the host with any problems.

Be interested to hear other's opinions.

Ruth, New Zealand


BrookAve 4 years ago

Agreed But bdc dont allow you to reply if no comments and when there is and its anonymous you cant name them.


I make a point of telling them in all auto messages, to always 'if you see something , say something '. And remind them after leaving to only leave constructive comments and manage realistic expectations.

That way later if there is a reply option I can call them on their ***... in a polite but firm way.


I know it frustrating but it's still better to clarify their misinformation so anyone new reading it can see you correct their misinformation.



The Green Hous… 4 years ago

I always answer guests who leave comments,positive or negative, but with no comments there is no comeback, it's very unfair!!