Another kick in the teeth by BDC

Just received the email this morning that now all bookings can be cancelled at will by guests rendering all non-refundable rate completely useless. BDC has once again shown their true colours, showing how ridiculous their efforts to 'create a community' truly are. They are always the first to side with the guests but never give a second thought about who actually accommodates the guest. Who covers the staff costs when a guest books 5 days before check-in, then cancels on the day of arrival claiming extenuating circumstances? It's always the accommodation provider, never BDC who generously offer everything to the guest. But again, BDC have shown their true face and it will not be forgotten when they argue about community and partners having a say. Remember this my fellow hosts, there is no denying now. 

BrookAve 4 years ago

Yes thats the same info from the bottom of the advisory article up top.

Hakahanabb 4 years ago

Is BDC adopting different standards for different countries? In the past few months we have experienced cancellations with No Refund Policy coming into force and it has been for the Host to refund or not. Taking into consideration Covid 19 being a Pandemic we opted to refund 100% & as a result BDC did not receive any commission. Our stand point is to look at the situation & weigh up what is ethically right even if financially your business will suffer, guests will remember you for your kindness & utilise your establishment when normality returns into their situation. Hang in there this is going to be a long haul & the tourism industry will never be the same. We are in total LOCKDOWN with NO INCOME until restrictions on travel are lifted.