In Apartments. Reserve for 2 people but want more beds at no charge.

Guest numbers and beds required. This is really important as it causes lots of problems.

As apartment owners we do not have inventory similar to Hotels. When we get a reservation for 1 or 2 guests the cost per room is at our entry level. Sometimes the guests are a couple and only require 1 bedroom. At other times they may be friends or colleagues and require 2 bedrooms. We are unable to differentiate and make an extra charge, whereas a hotel would charge for the 2nd room. Where there are 3 or more guests on the reservation, the price for our accommodation is automatically increased by the site algorithm.

This requires the guests to be honest when making the reservation so that they know what the cost is and can make an informed decision. We often get guests reserving for 2 people and arriving with more. They say that they booked a 2 bedroom apartment and, therefore, the extra guests should be allowed to stay at no charge. Obviously this is not good business for us as apartment owners as we then have to absorb all the extra housekeeping, utility and laundry costs.

A solution could be to change our description on the site so that reservations were charged according to how many BEDS are needed rather than people. So for example 1 double or king-sized bed for 1 or 2 people sharing is £120 per night (minimum 2 nights), 2 beds for up to 4 people sharing is £150 per night and so on.

Would this not be a better way of marketing to get the correct reservations?

Kind Regards, Peter Meczes (Owner).

BrookAve 3 years ago


Honestly, I don't agree.


If it is an apartment and you list as apartment then its one whole unit so only charage based on that.


If you are going to be greedy and try to maximise by room, then that is not an apartment listing that is essentiall ya homestay or BnB , guesthouse by room by night.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too, its can only be one or the other not both.