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Are you excited for the Eurovision Song Contest?

The incredibly popular Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam this year starting 18 May. We’re proud to partner with them as their official travel partner. The theme this year - “Open Up” - is framed around the challenges and opportunities we all face as the world begins to open up. Find out more about the partnership in this recent Click. Magazine’s article

Are you excited about this event getting back to its regular schedule? I assume those of you who watch the event regularly have a strong opinion about the contestants. Do you have a favourite song or moment from a past year’s competition that sticks in your mind?

Will you be rooting for anyone - or any country - this year?

BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Eric 

I miss the Irish legend that was Terry Wogan doing it on BBC Tv.


So we gave them another Irish lad called Graham Norton, lol.


The Netflix Eurovision movie was a hoot, lol.


In Ireland we generally dont have any view of who the other non English speaking contestants are until the the actual night.


I didnt even know it was running this year, I will have to check Youtube to see if any previews.