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August photo challenge: how are you catering to business guests?

Hi everyone,

As the travel world changes, more guests are travelling for business. We want to see what this looks like for you.

Do you have designated work areas? Visible wifi instructions? Show us your guest work spaces! 

Post your business areas pictures below, and ‘like’ your fellow partners’ photos to vote for the Community’s top pic.

Looking forward to seeing your photos, 

- Brooke and the Community Team  

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Brooke thanks for posting!!!

Since my Studio is an open space my desk is beside my bedroom!!!

My guests great appreciate having extra space to work even not for n business...

Wifi is also available making their stay in our home more comfortable...

A fax and copier printer is also available if needed...

Now with covid-19 more and more guests mix business with pleasure!!!

Wish everyone a happy Sunday!!!



Sergiu Novac 3 years ago

how about this? I will upload a photo of my bank account showing no payment from booking.com in August.

3 years ago

Hello Sergiu Novac! If you need more assistance with the payment, please contact support. I'm not sure other partners can help you with it.

Sergiu Novac 3 years ago

already did it: messages & phone calls - no answer.

i know partners can't help but they should know that sometimes booking.com doesn't pay the hosts.