Bad feedback

One of my guests stayed for 4 nights and left the place in a bad condition.  We did not take any of his deposit and took it on the chin.

However, he then left an unfavourable review which is unlike any we have had before. 

He stated that the place was a 2.5 for location.  Given that he was staying at my apartment to work on the property across the road he could not have been any closer!  He was 100m from where he needed to be.

Also, he gave me a 5 out of 10 for value for staying in an apartment that is a Penthouse and cheaper than most of my competition.

How do I get this comment removed as I think it was instigated by my cleaner being shocked at the condition the Apartment was left in

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Peter 


  • 1. You can only report it. Amendments are strictly limited as to when BdC will intervene.
  • 2. Reply in a clinical manner without attacking them in the reply. Cleverly worded reply to highlight the misinformation and leave it at that.
  • 3. You cleaner cant leave feedback on here, Not even remotely possible.
  • 4. Under reservation click Report Guest, then tick the two boxes for black list Guest and BdC should follow up.


Exactly how bad was it, details? any photos taken?


Suggest making taking photos after checkout as you may rely on it later.


That Guest sounds like a right diva. The neck on them.


Kind Regards