Bad review, no explanation, services rated not applicable

Dear Sir/Madame,

We are writing this message to complain about a guest's review. Specifically, our place was rated with grades which are obviously outliers. For example Staff, Facilities and Cleanliness with a 5/10 for each, whereas the place is professionally cleaned, the linen changed, the surfaces disinfected, etc. Generally the place has impeccable cleanliness, which is executed by our staff and always gets rates close to or spot on 10. The facilities provided are also quite full and exactly as described in our description in Booking. Why the 5 then? Was something missing, not working, or not functioning properly? Not at all. No explanation either.

As you see we are not getting into any discussion about other aspects of the rating, such as comfort, value for money etc. which are largely subjective.

In any case, the guest has not given any explanation nor he has allowed an answer to be given. We asked him for a feedback to improve whatever in his opinion is problematic to no avail.

Therefore, to us this review was either very perfunctory and/or malicious and we kindly ask "Booking" to be removed.

Best regards,

Argyrios Biris and Vily Alexiou 

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Hi, you are posting this to the Partner Community - we are all property owners / hosts here and we all have the same problems you have.


You need to send this to Booking.com support via your Extranet. However, you should note that Booking.com allow anything in reviews and do not care about property owners / hosts, so will not do anything about it. But please do complain to them - if enough pwners complain, they might start to take notice.


Make sure you reply publicly to express your disappointment that your guests were not happy and that they should have told you sooner so that you could resolve issues while they were there. Be professional!

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Don Burns 4 years ago

One guest last month wrote a negative review comment that she felt "uncomfortable" the host (me) is handicapped and in a wheelchair.  I was in a near-fatal car accident two years ago.


I felt this guest's comment is highly inappropriate and offensive.  Booking,com will not delete her posted comment, after my request to do so.

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fluff 4 years ago

Sometimes there is no figuring possible. We just had a couple who after telling us how wonderful everything was, then left a poor review.

Face meets hand, move on...