Sadly I discovered this morning that my property was OFFLINE or NOT Bookable in the Platform by one of my Guests.

It seems that it was caused by a late payment from us to Booking.com, BUT today is the 19.03.2019 we have received a notification for payment on the 05th of March, we admit he have paid on the 06th of March.

So from the 06th of March the account was fully paid and it remained NOT BOOKABLE till today the 19th of March=  13 days offline due to bad Supervision from Booking.com. It is really incredible that a Platform such BOOKING.COM does not have a script in its code to verify payments automatically. I am  personally a Programmer, develop softwares like this, i know what am talking about.

I really hope they improve their service, otherwise somebody else might create a better Platform than Booking.com


From a disappointed Host



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Katerinka12 4 years ago


Booking is OTA, not a payment processor or aggregator of payments. How would you make a script to verify payments of more than 100000 different payment methods all over the world? Please, post this technical task here.

To prevent this from happening again, keep in mind that payments are verified by human beings, so after your payment shoot the message to Finance department.

Creta Suites 2 years ago

Booking service is very bad. No one answers the phone. Send messages nobody answers. The booking service system is complicated. Is not the booking like 10 years ago. For sure they will go for shut down...Very very very bad service for professionals...