BDC Flagged us as Fraud due to high scores.

We are a less than 2 year old property and were receiving some excellent scores from our guests.  I received an email from BDC stating that we have been flagged as posting fraudulent scores.  Anyone else had this issue?  When I called to find out what the problem was they said that it is not possible to receive the high scores that we were.  This is extremely frustrating and a huge slap in the face.  There is no way we can post our own scores.  Overall we are so unhappy with BDC customer service that we are planning on switching to another partner.  

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jaybeegee 4 years ago


I never heard about anyone posting on this here!

So what they do?! Did they change your rating?!

Pretty sure it is easy to check if the votes are fraudulent (eg. coming from the same IP) plus it would be easy to verify scores with the guests directly!

Very strange that they would tell you "that it is not possible to receive the high scores that we were"

If it was me and didnt mess around with the scoring, I would email the last 10 guests who left a score and get an email confirming the score! Then I would collate the supporting documentation and take it up again with bdc. GL and let us know how you get on.