BdC New Deposit Project - tracker page

Creating this to keep track of the fore mentioned project, from 4 months ago by :

  Tiago - Product Manager | Booking.com for Partners


The new damage deposit project is still in progress and we intend to start a closed pilot during the first quarter of 2021 - so hopefully during the first half of the year we will be able to share some more news


Its now 49% of 2021 already is gone by and not a peep since .


Maybe our friends in Communities Team  , could give us an update on this.

As many of us have already pointed out and also Isle of Wight, in his post here, there are many scenarios and reasons why we need a online payment system for this.

source : Damage Deposits by Booking.com | Booking.com for Partners

BrookAve 1 year ago

OK what?


The deposit system has now been live a short while.