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booking shortened just before cancellation

Imaging the following:

booking (February 2020) of 2 rooms for 5 nights for arrival December 2020 

amendment 1 (September 2020): change to December 2021 = done free of charge

amendment 2: (April 2021): change from 5 nights to 2 nights = done free of charge

amendment 3: (same day as above - April 2021) cancel booking

Guest asked for cancellation free of charge. 

establishment charges 25 % cancellation fee

Cancellation fee gets calculated from 2 nights stay

P.S. establishment agreed to the "reduced" cancellation fee.


What are your thoughts on this scenario?

BrookAve 2 years ago




you cant charge for shortened stay , that would be immoral. and just wrong. so it will always be free.


but at same time guest cannot last minute shorten it and check out early and then expect a partial refund, they are not entitled to a refund.


If they have prepaid and you enforce the 25%, then give bank sepa IBAN details and get paid.


If no prepayment, then forget it, they will just ignore and you never get 25%, as there is no way to enforce it.

You can then blacklist them.