Booking suspension: Booking.com worst practices how it should NOT be!

Dear all,


Just checking in whether other Partners are confronted by similar issues.


For many years I saw Booking.com as a reliable platform. However, over the last few months, my opinion has dramatically changed. Am I the only Partner?

Case: as host of an apartment, we recently had a booking cancelled by a Saudi Arabian guest who did not show up, after which Booking sent us an invoice with a commission charge. After 3 messages through the platform, excluding 1 phone call and 1 escalation through the finance dispute button at the Booking.com, there is after 4 weeks still no reaction or sign of life by Booking.

In the meantime, this morning, I received from Booking a 'cold email' stating that my account will be blocked due to non payment of an invoice. Can you imagine?

Anyway, if this is the future of Bookings internal Partner service, I seriously consider quitting such platforms.

Am I the only exceptional case?

Will this message wake up the Finance department of Booking?

#respectforpartners #nobotsbuthumans #workandnotsleep