Booking.com - Appalling Service for Owners

Has any one else suffered appalling service from Booking.com?  Last year I discovered they had blocked my property (tho hadn't informed me).  After 2 months of disjointed communication, they told me the matter had been resolved, and that my property would be unblocked.  Despite further messages, which were also unanswered, the Property remains blocked by them.  Having given up last year, I thought I'd have another go in May, but its now more than a week after I messaged them, and guess what?  I still have no reply.  How can a company that gives such good service to our customers, be so utterly rubbish in dealing with the property owners?  Its like Faulty Towers without the humour!  

Andrea 3 months ago

You're not alone. My suspicion is that they feel if they give enough non-sensical responses, you'll give up trying. Their service is currently worse than it has ever been before. 

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Marek Krajecki 3 months ago

Perhaps you can just open new account with different email address.  There must be a reason for this account remaining blocked.