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I have a suggestion for Booking.com. Replace the Partner Hub/Community Help with a single page that says 'Ring customer support' Honestly, in all my years of using it I have never resolved an issue without making a phone call. It actually just wastes another hour of our precious time getting nowhere. Booking.com never read anything posted here and the only advice I have seen from partners is 'call them'.

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Didem - Commun… 11 months ago


Hi @Info,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. 


I understand that you might have specific questions that cannot be answered in the Community.  This is because The Booking.com Partner Community is indeed not the same as customer support. I'd like to share the relevant part of our Community guidelines as below where this is explained:


"Contacting support: when asking for help in the Partner Community, be aware that you're talking to other partners like you, not Booking.com support teams. For assistance, contact the support team via the extranet. Only they have the information required to help you. Due to privacy laws, community moderators and advisors don't have access to your property or reservation information, and therefore cannot offer you specialised support."


The aspiration of the Partner Community is that it's a space where partners from around the world connect with each other, share tips and find inspiration through useful content.