booking.com encourage low scoring reviews

In a conversation today with a manager at Booking.com over their refusal to remove a fabricated and abusive review with a score of 1.0, the manager stated that 'it is not good for the review process for venues to repeatedly get maximum scores' (the majority of our scores are 10). In case you are not aware, if you get a low score it becomes virtually impossible for you to get back to your previous review score UNLESS you get a VERY high number of successive maximum 10s. In reality therefore what this means is that the review system employed by booking.com is designed to cause your ranking to decline........  So much for supporting their partners!!!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! Lee,

Very sorry to hear about your review problems.

Reviews is a very sensitive subject.

Thanks for posting.


Lee Clements 4 years ago

yes it is very sensitive when a pack of lies and a refusal to support from BdC can destroy your business...

4 years ago

Hello Lee Clements! Thanks for posting in the Community. The situation you have described looks really weird. The idea is to give a transparent and precise rating system for both guests and partners. What is the business point of giving bad rating to good properties? 

Lee Clements 4 years ago

An agent actually stated in conversation that 'Booking.com doesn't want hosts to get regular 10s because it isn't a good look for the review system'!  The manner in which bookig.com now calculates the scores means that if you are in the 9.5 to 9.9 range and you don't get regular 10s your score will be dragged down towards 9.0, or if you receive an extremely poor score from a guest with their own personal issues (e.g. can't smoke in a non smoking venue, can't bring children below 16 to a non-children venue), it is impossible to regain your previously high ranking. Quite apart from this Booking.com does not protect its partners from criminal defamation and thus in doing so is therefore also guilty of criminal defamation... this point has recently be proven in several high profile cases where payments of several 100's of 1000s of $s have had to be paid to the injured party.... so Sergei,as a 'community partner' what are you going to do to ensure the defamatory reviews and low scores left on my page are removed ...

Cherry Hunt 4 years ago

I had a guest saying I had tried to take their money dishonestly and I had a contract signed by them saying otherwise. Booking.com does not care. They are only interested in large hotels with many rooms.

Mike Turner 10 months ago

booking.com are shockingly useless and this is definitely an area that needs a massive overhaul!  If guest leaves you a 1 yet give you a 7.5 and above for every category in their review, then clearly there is a mistake!  I feel for you - Awful behaviour from BDC!