Booking.com fails to harvest complete guest address, fails to verify credit cards

Fully 100% of the fraudulent/fake bookings we receive come through booking.com.

We don't have the same problem with any other portal. The reasons are pretty clear:

1) A few years back (2016, it seems), some senior BDC manager decided that increasing fake bookings was just fine, as long as it increased real bookings more (I'm not making this up). The guest address registration form on the website was modified to remove the "state/province" field, and the "zip/postal code" field was changed to optional, meaning most guests skip it.

The theory was that the two seconds of time saved for the guest would translate into more bookings. What it really meant was BDC enhancing risk, and offloading that risk onto its "partners", many or most of which cannot run a credit card without a valid billing postal code. 

2) In 2016, BDC announced that it would expand credit-card verification -- already a standard service at Expedia and Airbnb -- from Europe worldwide. It never happened.

3) BDC bought Agoda, an online booking engine that doesn't require guests to provide any billing address info at all. BDC properties getting an Agoda booking receive only a fake phone number and an incorrect version of Agoda's corporate address in Singapore (the address lists Bangkok as the country, which is untrue). Unsurprisingly, the AGO platform is an immense source of anonymous harassment, booking fraud schemes and wasted time.

There is no BDC manager assigned to small properties any more. One can only complain to a polite but utterly powerless customer agent, who will do nothing about any of this except "register a complaint",

We're very tired of it.