Booking.com isn't assisting with serious concerns regarding no payouts. booking.com are Thieves steal hosts money - payments done by booking.com (dont ever get paid out fully and fairly).

Your agents are useless. no one in charge. its rediculous. I have tried to bring my concerns about not getting my payouts or getting a fraction of it. I've exhorted all avenues with 0 results from booking.com It's plain theft and the way booking.com covers there tracks is FRAUD.

Peter Simpson 3 years ago

Hello just an FYI we have never had an issue with payouts on Booking.com and compared to other vacation web site platforms They are amongst the worlds best, perhaps you should contact them directly and go over how your account’s set up. Just remember to manually pay your fees after each booking according to their platform rules and regulations and there will be less delay in payment it takes a little bit of getting use to however we have never had an issue and they are one of the worlds leaders in vacation rentals please feel free to ask me any questions thank you Peter Simpson.