Booking.com refunds to guests without the owners' authorisation or consent and putting the owners in peril and hardship

Booking.com acts as an agent for the owners of properties receiving a commission under this contractual agreement Therefore it must obey the instructions of the owners and offer the owners a duty of care This I believe is a solid legal requirement If the owners have a non refundable policy in place and Booking.com reverse the owners' policy quoting their own self made policy calling it a Forced Majeure and refund the guests without the owners' consent thus putting the owners' financial health at stake surely this is a breach of contract, as well as a non fulfillment of their legal obligations and duty of care Am I right ? John

Pannett Park View 4 years ago

Can you please let me know how I cancel my guests staying due to the Covid 19 risk to my cleaners and also as non essential travel without incurring a charge from booking.com. I have guests who are adament they want to stay but if I cancel the bookings I will be out of pocket. Please can you advise.

BrookAve 4 years ago


John : am I Right?


Answer : unfortunately no, Force Majeure is exactly that ,there is no wiggle room or debate, it is what it is.


All you can do is come to an agreement with  guest so they don't put in a claim with BdC for full refund.

Its literally that simple.

John Lam 4 years ago

But Force Majeure has no legal basis so how is it enforceable ? The UK government has not declare a state of emergencies where flights are not allowed Also how can Booking.com verify that guests will cancel get full refund then make an insurance claim hence enjoying a free bonus payment while the owners have to suffer financial ruins ?