Booking.com site errors

Dear Bookings.com,

I have experienced issues three times in a row now within a few days, I must report this and have it resolved.

- I have set my minium stay 3 nights by default when I sign up, and manually adjust some left over days to 2 nights minimum but never 1 night. Guest Lisa Banks was able to book 1 night to my suprise and I didn't say anything and accepted, I went back into the site and discovered that all my nights are minimum 1 night bookable! I adjusted them back. 

- yesterday, Guest Holly has booked a date in the calendar that isn't available, and suddenly became available. I had to cancel on her and she became very worried about the refund, bad customer experience. I went online and I was shocked to find that the rest of june and early july was available to book on bookings.com. I have the calendar sycn on and across all other platforms it was not available, and I am certain as I am on difference channels the whole time and familiar with all the interfaces. 

-Today, Guest Amanda has booked one night on the other property. I was shocked and went online to see that all my dates were available to book for 1 night only. I have to call the guest and ask her to cancel.

This pattern is very worrying, a pattern that settings aren't reliable and in an emergency situation booking.com aren't contactable . How do I trust that my settings doesn't suddenly change like that? I am sure you have records, if anything changed as a result of my change you will be able to see, and you can verify that I didn't change the settings. I think it is in your company interest to ensure that this is looked into. I will consider this a record of me raising such issues.



BrookAve 1 year ago



Hi waht are you using , Extranet full fat webportal or pulse ?


only use web portal to seeit save in real time. pulse can be finiky.




 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


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