Booking.com vs Airbnb pricing

We have been using Airbnb to rent our holiday home for some time and just listed on booking.com.  The booking.com extranet and pulse app are so much more complicated and confusing compared with the much better Airbnb interface.  I wanted to set pricing the same on both platforms.  On Airbnb it is easy to set a standard price for 2 persons, with additional charge for each additional person up to 7 which is our capacity.  On booking - you cannot set a baseline price, you have to select individual days to assign a price, and rather than a fee for each additional guest, it makes you list the price for 7 persons, then subtract- completely bonkers.  And I cannot set a price for blocked dates - and because Airbnb sensibly blocks dates > 3 months in advance, and calendars linked - when new dates are released booking.com assigns a new low price ( because you cannot set a standard or minimum price)- it had my property listed for $4 per night for 2 people!!!  I also cannot set a cleaning price - had to call the Hong Kong call centre and sit on hold to do this.  

why does booking .com not have a pricing tab so that pricing can be set up globally instead of having to select each day?  (Airbnb even allows me to set a specific ‘weekend price’ that applies to all weekends..). Why is the interface with Airbnb not better?  Why can’t booking.com support not use native English speakers for support in the country involved?


BrookAve 3 years ago

Its does, you set a rate plan as per day, that's the base rate. Then you apply next llsn against that one and so on.


Then utilise promotions to apply discounts.


Optionally use calendar list view, you set special days or dates, with once off adhoc rate

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Jo Collinge 2 years ago

Just found your post by doing a search on AirBnB.  I agree, Booking.com is sooooo complicated and have had zero results so far.

Scott - I'd be interested to hear your experience this far down the track now? Did it increase your bookings? Do you still prefer Airbnb?

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Fernando Kiechle 1 year ago

Dear Scott,

I would like to do exactly the same.

Publish to booking, Airbnb and VRBO at the same TOTAL price (or at least very close)

Did you find a way to calculate this? (without signing a hello.pricelabs.co type software)




Smido Rental 1 year ago

Wondering the same thing. we are not able to synk the prices with other platforms due to the different price strategy.

BrookAve 1 year ago