Burnt carpet from iron

Had a guest that has burnt new carpet with iron the carpet cost £700 3 months ago ,who's liable for this

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi! Cmidgley what an awful situation. How did this happen?

Did you have a damage deposit set up? You absolutely have to charge your guest.

One of our forum partners has suggested to include this in our rules :

We regret having to inform guests that all damages will be charged in full, this includes labour and all other charges necessary to restore the room to the preoccupied condition. A further charge will be made to cover loss of earning until the room is restored and available for further letting to guests.

If you have smoked a £200 fee will be made for cleaning/replacement of all the soft furnishings, towels, bedding, carpet, furniture and the labour involved.It is with deep regret we now include this section.

Wish you luck.