I've had lots of calendar problems since signing up with booking.com. Dates I block off as booked keep showing up as free and getting double booked. I tried syncing my booking.com calendar with other sites like airbnb, but that keeps giving me phantom bookings, blocking off space that was never booked. I thought doing it manually would be the best bet, but not if the dates I block off on the booking.com calendar keep opening up randomly, resulting in double bookings. When I call this site, they say it's my fault, that their calendar is perfect. I don't know what to do about this. Any advice? I'd like to be able to send each booking to someone at this site so they'll see it was booked when it gets randomly freed up, but I don't know how to contact anyone. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

BrookAve 2 years ago


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Yes myself and others had been very clear that Partners should not rely on this.


The correct way to do it is use a 3rd party service called a channel manager were it becomes the Sync master and golden copy of all bookings in one place.


some are free  , some subscription.


nobeds, cloudbeds, eviivo , siteminder ,etc.


the iCAL sync has limitations anyway, so the cM method will so much better.

It also does not sync automatically on new bookings, i.e. autosync on changes.


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