Calendar sync export - broke down?


last night the calender export sync somehow broke down. It was working for long time and I didn't do anything. I have just figure it out, because I have recieved another reservation on airbnb for the same date. So I checked it and figured out, that the calender export is not working. My airbnb and homeway don't show up blocked dates from booking. airbnb shows homeaway and HA shows airbnb. This means booking export is not working.

I have removed booking from HA and AB and set it up back, but no result.

It must be a new feature(bug).

Do/did you have the same experience?

Boekingen 3 years ago

Yes same problem here, cant sync with airbnb.

Completely wiped out all of our bookings in airbnb.

it is definitly a problem within booking.com, i think the ICAL link from booking is corrupt or something like that!

Any admins that can look into the problem?