can not accpet physical person guests but only business travel guests

good day,

as per state law during this times i can accept only business travel guests.

how can i do it on property setting in order not to advertise the property

in false way to physical person guests who are not on business travel?


your fast replay is very appreciate



BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Marko


Your only options are:

  1. Open or closed no in between, even property snooze is same.
  2. No way to close and then accept only business travelers.
  3. You can of course wait for a booking and then check if it is marked business, as a business traveler will typically tick that box, so they can ask you for a invoice for their expenses later .
  4. update your listing in 3 ways:
    1. Add a photo of example a briefcase, and add text on top saying Business travelers only .
    2. Update Auto message template for new bookings... right at the top of it - "If this is NOT a business travel booking it will be voided at this time due to COVID rules from our government"
    3. Update TheFine Print area options too .
    4. remember as per the Fine Print options you set you can reasonably request they send photo ID and letter or email from their work email address; send a photo of their business card or equivalent etc.


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