Cancel my Holiday home for bookings

Please help me .... how can I cancel my holidayhome from your website.  It is no longer available for renting out.

Joeline Leicher 3 years ago

My house in Albatros 23 Stilbay was put on twice by mistake... please can you make sure that both are cancelled as the house is not available anymore.  I have locked in with the details I know but forgot the username and password I used before... is it maybe possible to help me cancel both accounts.

BrookAve 3 years ago



As you replied to your own topic, instead of just editing,  it got moved automatically from unanswered list.


Just bear that in mind next time as it can impact how long it takes someone to see it and realise it has happened,  and could be days or longer.


The best option here is to know your property I'd number and phone support team directly.


They dont monitor this so you are only addressing partners. 



Scroll to bottom for contact us info link.



Alternatively use the forgot my password option on extranet, enter email address to recover it.