Cancel propety

Please cancel the propert of bookings .com.
Of all the booking I have 1 person show up and the latest booking *** said they arrived abd never showed up.
I am over this and would like the property taken off.

Thank you

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

If you would like your property to be taken off, ask the people at the help-desk.

You can login to the Extranet of BDC and go to the Info tab.

There is a space for your request, or question.

But a question though: You say your guests said they arrived but didn't show up. I don't get that.

It looks like something is not right in your settings.

Be a bit patient with yourself and ask the helpdesk to go through the set up process correctly. We are always prepared to give you hint, tips and tricks. But the BDC staff are paid to help you. Try it again, please.

Hope you get it done well and to attract the right guests.


Aaltje B.