Cancellation of booked reservations

I have some properties listed with booking.com.  Everybody is aware of the situation and it is obvious that we are having the reserved bookings cancelled.  Up to date we have cancellations for all bookings for all April, most May, some of June and even further down the year.

My question is this. Due to these unfortunate circumstances it would be wiser for me to cancel all the bookings I have for this year and let the properties for long let to locals.  Is this possible, and would it effect my ratings.

I think it is only fair that not just the guests are able to cancel the reservation due to the corona virus.  It is very likely that this will not end soon and we should not be committed to wait leaving our properties empty when we can perhaps let them locally.

I wish to have an urgent reply please even though I understand your pressure of work.


BrookAve 4 years ago

reminder this is partner community not BdC support team.


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Belinda Lothian 4 years ago

Yes I think we should be able to cancel reservations.  I am trying to do this right now as I just got a booking for this weekend from a Korean young man who just wants to have a good time with his girlfriend.  I have just experienced this same thing last weekend with another Korean young couple who disregarded personal space and didn't care about the virus.  I have sent a request to cancel the reservation to the guest but no response yet and so I also mentioned it is against the law to now just go galavanting around the country having fun!  If they turn up I will not be letting them in and I will call the police.  I have now closed off my bnb for the next 2 months and most likely will extend this.  It is very bad that we cannot just cancel our bookings for our health and the law too.