Cancellation due to COVID19

Hi !


I just had a guest that rung me to cancel the reservation he had due to the COVID19 pandemic. His flights got canceled and he is unsure that when the time comes there will be any available flights.


I have read and have cancel the reservation myself.

My question is, will the guest get the full refund? Even knowing that my cancellation policy is 50%.

I don't want to keep guests money knowing how difficutl times are for everyone at the moment and not knowing what the future will reserve us!


Appreciate any comments!

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi João Rodrigues


Yes if you did it right by clicking Request Cancellation, and choose option 2.


Assuming you didn't take direct payment and Booking did  - Payments by Booking; then the system will auto refund full, because you choose option 2 .



Kind Regards