Cancelling guests due to COVID-19 and Government directed lock-down

Today, I received this:

  • Should a guest look to modify or cancel the dates of a reservation, either through our website, our self service tool or via Customer Service, we will facilitate the completion of that action.
  • By using the self-service app, guests can cancel the reservation themselves without requiring additional actions from either the property or Booking.com.

If a guest reaches out to your property to request a cancellation, you can handle this request yourself. There is no need to refer guests to our Customer Service Center. Information on how to handle these reservations can be found here.

Can you  please explain to me 'WHY I am expected to do EVERYTHING to help a guest who wants to cancel and you are STILL not  helping your so called 'partners'

WHY do I still have to follow the standard rules of cancelling a guest without their consent, at a time when COVID-19 has led to a National lock-down? I have a guest refusing to cancel at the end of April. We are closed, so WHAT do Booking.com propose to do to help me in these unprecedented times, with this guest and this situation? Ignoring me and thousands of other 'partners' is NO LONGER an option if you want us to continue with you after this crisis is over.



BrookAve 4 years ago


COVID-19 has led to a National lock-down? I have a guest refusing to cancel at the end of April. We are closed,


In this case you can still cancel as you are covered by the article."Information regarding the Coronavirus "


Simply message support team with the reservation number stating your area/country is in lockdown during those dates.


Let us know what the outcome  is,


Kind regards, Be Safe , Be Well

Powe House 4 years ago

I am livid that we have just received this! Why, is it that because the guest is refusing to cancel (despite a CLEAR lockdown in the UK) WE are expected to sort this mess out. How many times do I have to contact Booking.com to say that we are CLOSED and have been for over 2 weeks!

Booking.com please contact me and I will give you the details of the guest and YOU can sort your mess out for me.

Dear Powe House,

You've informed us that you cannot accommodate *** xxxxxxxx, reservation ***xxxxxxxx***, on check-in date ***.

We’ll be happy to look for an alternative accommodation for them, doing our best to find one within the same price range.

Additional costs resulting from this relocation may be invoiced to your property.

If you have any questions, we are here for you.

-- *** Booking.com Customer Service Team


Many thanks,


Powe HOuse