Cannot have listing bookable for two months. Support doesnt help.

I'm going mad from Booking technical support. They cannot make my listing bookable, without any sane explanation. 

First of all, I registered new property (apartment). It has a building number and apartment number.

The system automatically added only building number. And I was told that verification letter was sent to this address.  

I wrote to support, that this is wrong address (because house number without apartment makes no sense, this is multi-storey building with many apartments) .

I requested to change address to proper one. They asked me to send proof, that I own or rent this property.

I've sent them VAT invoice on my name, for rental agreement.  There was two addresses - my business address, and rental property address. They added my business address (where I live) as property address. 

Do they read messages at all? :-( or there's not very intelligent bot on the other end.

I sent request for changing address once again. 

The support told me - "we 've changed the address". 

They changed to proper address only from third attempt, and it was 3 weeks. 

Then , they told me, they cannot activate this listing because it is a duplicate. 

I have no duplicate in my accounts, I have one apartment with one ID, and another with different ID (different addresses)

I don't know why it is duplicate. If someone else sold this apartment before on booking.com, they can check it and deactivate old owner .  But this is not my problem. I've sent them rental agreement as proof that im currently managing it. 

The same apartment I'm selling already on airbnb for 1 month, but booking.com still asking the same questions over and over again. 


Sorry for negative tone. Very disappointed in support quality 

Best regards,



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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Hi Natalia,

"I have no duplicate in my accounts" are you sure? Have you tried to register the same address several times?

You should request additional verification. Write a letter to Booking asking for additional verification. It's painful and it takes time, but it's better than awaiting for a letter to nowhere.

Mikhaylovan82 4 years ago

"Have you tried to register the same address several times?"

I did not, because changing address doesn't work out of the box - each time I changed address, I asked support to confirm it manually. and it was done 3 times as I explained above.

Last time I was speaking with guy over the phone, he told me he cannot send verification code about this listing, because it is a duplicate.

I have only two properties, with different IDs, different addresses and different photos. They are not duplicates. That's all what I see. If they have some problem with non-unique address in database, that's a programming error . There's also no other bookable properties at the same address, when I search using the map (as a client - from booking web site) .

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

The correction of the address will be solved during verification. Please, disregard any telephone conversations as they are not properly recorded. Use extranet and request in written form for alternative verification.