Can't find an option to accept the revised GDT


In the legal updates section, there is a message relating to updates to General Delivery Terms (GDT).


It asks me to click on “Request GDT” but when doing so I am unable to login to the site.


I am a full master account on our properties (legal entity 439677 - property listing 8177590)


I raised a support call with your team 2 weeks ago but nobody replied to me.


I do not have the ‘Account’ or ‘ Contracts’ options on my extranet. Neither am I able to click on “Request GDT” on the article as I can  not authenticate with wherever that is taking me to.


I don’t have an issue logging in normally to the extranet, I can make all the normal changes to our cottages.


I am concerned that I have not accepted these terms


Please Help !

Sewar Karrain 10 months ago

did you solve the problem?

I have the same issue, and I've been searching in Booking to find any clue but alas nothing!

jamie cunningham 10 months ago

I tried to contact booking.com but got nowhere with them. They said they'd raise a ticket internally but nobody came back to me.

I'm now just hoping that it doesn't apply to us, that the email they sent out was to everyone, but perhaps if you don't have the option then it doesn't apply.

We will soon find out.

If anyone has any recommendations as to how I can actually get a resolution to this it would be great

Andrea 10 months ago

You don't have to accept the GDT; by not responding you accept the GDT. 

However, I want to compare the old & new GDT but after three weeks of communicating & my 'issue' being passed onto 'experts' I still haven't been able to look into the GDTs. 

For me, when I clicked on 'Request GDT', it linked to a 'create a new account' page.