Change the selling type

I recently joined booking.com and I have listed my property on the website as the whole property. But I want to change in to rent private rooms instead of renting the whole property at once. I checked the dashboard but I couldn't find a option to change from whole house to private rooms. So how can I do that?

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Don Burns 3 years ago

I am not sure how to do that yourself.  I suggest messaging the Booking,com staff, who might change your property listing for you.


I have the same house situation, as I rent my two downstairs bedrooms.  My wife and I live full-time on the upper main floor of our two-level home.


I charge nightly by the bedroom and not by the number of guests.  However, only two people maximum per bedroom, which has a queen-size bed.


After check-out, I have discovered a few guests slept in both bedrooms, when they only paid for one bedroom.  


I solved that problem by installing door locks on each bedroom.  At check-in, I ask the two guests which bedroom they prefer, when they paid for only one room.  Then, I lock the unused bedroom for the night.