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Cleaning the snow.

Hello there,

I just start with hosting at for 2 months. My chalet is in Zweisimmen, Switzerland. I do have a question about the snow. My chalet is just 1 min next to my house. I always have to clean the snow my vacation house as well when it's snowing too much. I am just not sure if cleaning the snow should be the service of the owner in case of guest comes. For sure, I can clean the snow before they are arrival especially for the parking to be ready to park when guests arrive. But do I need to come clean the snow for them always when they are in our Chalet already? I just think in case if I am not home and it's snowing. Who will take care for that? Or should be a house rules in case heavy snow, the guests should make themselves the snow? Or what should it be? 

I hope there is the people in this experience may reply and thank you for your kindness in advance. 



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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi! -Naddy26 and welcome to the forum.

Your question is very interesting. I dont know what the law regulations are in Switzerland but in Canada where I have lived many years I know that the only responsible is the owner of the house.

Hope some partner can give you a better advice and help you in this matter...