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Client's email alias still doesn't work


Can someone explain me how can such company fighting to resolve such easy problem more than week and still it's not fixed. are giving us guest's emails like this:  *****

of course it's just alias forwarding to their real email address to let them control over it. I have spoken with support a week ago, that it doesn't work, 2days ago i again asked what's up, only excuses...

of course that next and next client was pissed off waiting at property for key, because had no information from us. 

We have to put manually our instructions, because forwarding doesn't work. I also had to code SMS to coming clients asking if they got instructions over email because sucks, is this normal? 

they might focus on important technical issues in priority, it's so anoying this, i'm wondering how many owners are affected by that amateur failure ?


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Michal


How I would do it is :

  1. Property > Policies 
    1. Add the key collection info.
  2. Property > Messaging Preferences 
    1. Message Templates > Create Template
    2. Name : Key collection Info
    3. Message: Detail the collection procedure or the keycode to use.
  3. Property  >> Policies > Guest info
    1. Enable Guest Address and Phone required.
    2. WhatsApp is also a great app to use, so not only send my SMS send by whatsapp too.

So based onthe above you can send guest the info hours to 3 days prior to arrival the info via 3 different ways.


I always make a point of sending it a few days early, as people can be travelling with no access to wifi nor mobile network. or simply using another phone.


The beginning of your post is still unclear what exactly you were doing with the guest email address


Where you actually trying to use that in an email client?


Its much simpler to just use the Extranet messaging system, and send directly from within the reservation details page, at the bottom?