Clients that want free upgrade

Guests came and even prior to seeing the apartment were unhappy and wanted to get a free upgrade, otherwise suggested that will put a bad review. What should I do, as I have already moved their booking to a better apartment that it much more expensive then what price that they pay. They broke the balkany door and now want to be moved to a different apartment. I don’t want to rating and don’t know what to do now. Looks like they have experience of doing things like this prior.

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fluff 5 years ago

Bad customer!

Let them know you can also report them, play it up a bit ( lie! ) that you can trash their standing on BDC as well.

For me, I would not have given in to blackmail in the first place. Have what you booked, pay for an upgrade or clear off! Of course worded rather better!

George Andreescu 1 year ago

You should put your policy on Booking and also printed: Check the pictures and area before booking it!

Also I have put The right to cancel... If does not correspond to guest criteria, instantly cancel the reservation and I give free full refund...

Is more expensive to keep such people in, than to get them out.