Collecting cancellation fees in cash payment policy

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Kindly i am looking to listen accurate details about the following issues as i see that most of partners speak about the same issue and no accurate response received:

1-In case of receiving cash payment during arrival of customer, How it will be "Non-Refundable" policy?? The customer will pay during arrival and booking.com did not insure prepayment from customer.

2-My customer cancel reservation in the charged cancellation period before arrival which is mean that he lose 100% of his reservation fees however customer already did not pay any money during reservation. So how booking.com insure the payment to me of 100% cancellation fees in the same time customer has not been charged? & if customer charged, so how will be the process of transferring this money to my account? 

3-For No show customer or Cancelled customer, Did i need to keep calendar with the related reservation period or wait till finish ? or i need to cancel from extranet ? How my payment will be affected accordingly. 

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

You can always ask for clarifications in other posts where you saw there.

1. It's your responsibility to ask for prepayment from the guest or you can set up Credit Card payment for your property, thus you can charge their cards as a prepayment.

2. Same as point 1.

3. If somebody cancels their booking or when you mark a reservation as no show, your calendar should update automatically the vacancy, only if you've set it to not update automatically, then you always have to do it manually. Check your settings.

If they cancel, you don't pay commission. If they are a no show, it's your responsibility to mark in as a no show in the extranet, failing to do so will make you pay the commission because BDC cannot guess if the guest stays there or not.

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mrw 5 years ago

if you do consider only cash payment, you do need a good lawyer or a good rifle in order to get your money back. !

Booking does try to be flexible with everyone but they are not a bank (at the moment...)

Tashquintas 5 years ago

Dear BDC i am still not clear of who gets the cancellation/no show fees? Do you charge the guests in these cases?

Thank you