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communication with a guest


Booking a room in host appartement is another way to travel and share. When a guest books at a host he must at least speak and understand the instructions and rules to avoid accidents.
It is very important to make the difference between staying with host and taking a hotel room, the guest must understand where he is going before booking.
It is impossible to explain its internal rules and security rules to a guest who does not understand you. How can we avoid being in this situation?

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there!

Thanks for posting.

I've recently seen a nice idea from one of the partners, Mike. He suggests taking a photo (or designing a nicely typed out sheet) with the internal rules on and posting it as a photo on your property page. This way the guest can see it before they get to your place.

Also make sure the rules are posted in/around the property just to emphasize it.

Hopefully this will help a bit. Keep well and best of luck!

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Laura, Communi… 4 years ago

Hi Houda and Leandri, we've just started a thread dedicated to the guest welcome email. Hopefully our community members will have some advice on this topic! Feel free to add in your own tips to kick off the discussion :)

Rialina2002 3 years ago

I have a very detailed Booking page and I always send a welcoming message as soon as I get a booking. In it I remind them that my B&B is in a new gated community and that they will have to get in touch with me before their trip so I can give them all the details. If I do not get an answer, closer to the arrival date I send them a second note giving them my phone number. Still, I have many guests who book months in advance and they never get in touch. The date of arrival comes and you do not know if they are indeed going to show up. I have even had guests that, once in the country, get lost in town and eventually phone angry because they cannot find the property. It does not make for a very nice experience. I really do not know what else to do!