This Company is HORRIBLE

I have had several issues with this company beginning with a reservation from  who booked from May 20- May 27. This guest totally trashed my apartment and broke our keyfob for building entry in which i sent Booking.com photos of the home. Booking.com stated they would waive the $188 commission on Tuesday, May 29th via email correspondence. However, i never received the fee removal even after speaking to SEVERAL reps in regards to it. They never contacted me and charged my account the total disputed invoice balance of 631.40 on Jun 19 2018. They stated they will email that department multiple times. When i call them the reps such as and are horrible and will threaten to hang up on you  for casually venting. Furthermore, another guest named  (booked on Jun 16 - Jun 18) stole our only remote to our Roku tv and a collectible action figure and I am still waiting for a response for that one as well. The other major issue with them is we had several guest card decline because of booking.com's payment issues they were experiencing which caused us to miss out on money for June and July. However, that issue has been resolved for the payments now being accepted but we lost money on  who all booked in July. These guest ALL declined due to Booking.com's issue with payments. This blocks your schedule and prevents another guest from booking which you lose potential money. 

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Kdickson31,

Thanks for reaching out. Since this isn’t something fellow partners can help you with, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet.

Good luck on your partner journey!
Laura and the communities team