Concern regarding Covid-19 financial support from Booking.com

Good day all

Thank you for your support last time I needed it. You were awesome!

I have another concern regarding financial support from booking.com. My question is, does Booking.com have anything in place regarding financial support for their partners (i.e. us as hosts)? as we are indirectly their employee accommodating their guests which becomes ours when they book at our respective places. Hence being classified as partners and we are all affected in the process. Booking.com being our source of income we at this time need them more than ever. Not knowing how long the pandemic will last leading to a concern regarding finance. Most of us are dependent on bookings to make a living and to pay mortgages therefore I ask the question. 

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BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Faith,


Simply put no, none , at this point in time.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well


Faith Stadhouer 3 years ago

Thank you Barry for the reply... Much appreciated. 

Dene Guest House 3 years ago

Maybe that will open everyone's eyes? Not to put all your eggs in one basket?