Contacting Booking.com to cancel a booking

Dear Community

I just received a booking on Booking.com during a date which was blocked out by another site.  The calendars are synched and it showed as not available, but Booking.com has just accepted another booking on top.

I am desperately trying to contact Booking.com to get this fixed.  The help pages says I can contact Booking.com by going to my inbox.  I did that but there is no way to contact Booking.com from my inbox page. The help page also says I should call the contact centre, but I cannot find a number listed anywhere.

I am hoping someone in the community can help me.

Thanks, Chris.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Chris Cave Jones


Welcome to Partner community, you are only addressing fellow partners and BdC Support Team will never see this.

  1. cal sync  does not and have never  worked as an instant service.
    This is common issue. 
    It only works when you sync it , manually.
    The only reliable workaround is to sign up for a free or paid Channel mananger service so all sync into its calendar.
  2. Overbookings.
    So the zero drama way to handle this is look at your actual availability, then message the overlapping guest new booking and offer to change the dates otherwise you must cancel it.

    Typicaly procedure i use is:
    1.  inform them  of no availability for those dates and next available dates are x/x/x
    2. If time sensitive then go ahead and click on Request Cancelation and choose option2.
    3. assmung they give new dates, you may or may not have in the reservation details page option to alter dates. should their be no date change option active. message the booking number and the new dates to BdC Support.
  3. Manually block dates when a new booking 
    The moment you get a new booking make a point to logon to the other OTA and block those dates for said room/type.

    installing the mobile app for both OTS will help speed this up.
  4. Using support instead of doing above is bad idea,Why?

    Because they will only default to their scripts and canned resposnses.
    They will not think outside the box.
    Instead you handling it directly with Guest put you in control of the situation instead of them taking it away from you. Which can result in you being invoiced for relocating guest.



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Fabienne Pena 3 years ago

Merci de me contacter au plus vite il manque d'option dans la réservation et uniquement chez Booking 


Gite les deux roches / le bar sur loup