Creating own website

Hello, dear colleagues.

I think about the proposal of the "Booking system" about creating own website (Web direct). I have a few questions, but I can not find an answer in the help desk service this system. I will be very grateful to all of you if you write to me the answers:
- If a guest booked a room through my personal website, how is the payment made? I propose the details of my bank account directly or payment is still carried out through the "Booking system"?
- Does "Booking system" will continue to sell my apartments? Whether my status will not be reduced in the "Booking" when I will sell apartments through my own website?
- Can the ratings given by guests on my own website be taken into account in the main system of the "Booking system"?
- I sell rental time in a house on the ocean. Opening season in March, closing in December. It is very important for me to know the opinion of other partners - Does it make sense to create a separate site for one house and what additional problems may arise.




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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Good questions Tatiana

Cost is one (not sure where you to find a free website)

Time is second / a lot of time to put in to update everything. Unless you're a computer wizz.

Calendar is not cynced. Double booking risks. Does someone know a way around that?

Finding a channel manager seems best, where they do all the technical work and you do the hosting. It is enough work anyway.

Anyone else?


Aaltje B.