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Cyprus Calling....

Hi there,

I'm Mario and I live in sunny Limassol, Cyprus. I manage 2 of my own apartments as well as 3 other properties for my clients. What I love about hosting is not just meeting new and exciting people but ensuring that they have the best time while they are in Cyprus. 

One of my properties is a 2 bed apartment opposite the sea which we fully renovated when we purchased it a few years ago. I ensure that the property is maintained to a very high standard and that it has everything that a guest might need or require.

Our second property is a stylish modern studio which is also very close to the sea and all our guests love it as it feels home to them.

I began managing properties on a full-time basis around a year ago and absolutely love the buzz and challenge of the hospitality industry.


Here is a link to the 2-bed:;sid=8ced227f095885a259852821f58b78a3;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&

Here is a link to the studio:;sid=8ced227f095885a259852821f58b78a3;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&

Wishing all the partners a great 2019!!


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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Welcome to the Partner Forum Mario!

Are you looking for a specific piece of advice from a fellow partner? Feel free to ask, our community is always up for a good challenge :)