Damage to the property!!!

Hi ! i am looking for some ideas ,suggestions,tips! We run small self catering business and trying to keep the price affordable for people but when it comes to damage to the property it is not really good to us especially when it comes to replacing whole bedside table . Recently hosted a couple , they stayed for two weeks and after they left i have discover few unpleasant surprises. Sever damage to bedside table knife cuts on kitchen work top,burned table cloth and few broken glasses. Very upsetting because it is newly refurbished apartment. Having a house rules seems like they never bothered about it at all. Was thinking to increase the price,first it will eliminate people who want to enjoy luxury holiday at the budget price and in case any damages occur anyway at list it will pay for replacement. How do you deal with staff like this? 

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

That is sad and frustrating for you to see things damaged this severe!

I can understand you want to rethink your policy.

To be honest, all the nice advertisements done by BDC and other platforms are going to benefit them but not you.

By offering a really low price I find, we only attract the wrong people who can't be bothered.

If you have cheap 2nd hand furniture then the cost to replace is not that high, but if you put all your heart and soul and money in it.......

Did you keep any phone number of the guests? And did you take photos of the damage done.

Your insurance (if you have) will probably not cover it, since they would call it : " wear and tear" .

So have a look at what others ask in your area and don't go below that change your title so people are attracted to something unique and special that will draw the future guests in.

People like to come if it stands out. Quality of the bed seems to be the most important factor.

Think of something very original to add like art work, doesn't need to be expensive, but original.

The guests owe you an apology at least. But you could request them to pay you for repairs or replacement, if not you could ask the help desk team what they advice you. This is via the Extranet and Inbox. You can ask the question there.

The issue with damage deposit is a big topic in the BDC world and haven't found a good solution for this yet.

You could also rethink your maximum stay.

And solving problems regarding damage has to be done within a few days of people leaving.

Hope this info helps you.

I wish you good guests, and happy hosting for the future.


Aaltje B.