Damaged sunshades caused by guests how to handle?

We have two apartments for rent in our house,

Its a family run business, we are not professionals.

A Family arrived yesterday and moved in one of the apartments.

Today they left after bathing in our pool for some shopping because of a sudden weather change in the area. We have two sunshades, one is 4x4m for the sundeck and one is 2m diameter for another sundeck near the pool.

They are both storm damaged because they forgot to close it. One is sank in the pool, and the big one slamed in the fence to the neighbour..

What can we do? Can i charge them?

The smaller was xxx€ but its 4 Years old so thats maybe ok, but the big one is more then 1000€ and thats a lot for us. Im afraid of negative feedback if i charge them or ask them to report it to their insurance.. what can we do?


Any advice appreciated - Thanks!

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

If you have set up and taken a damage deposit, you can claim on that.

If not, claim on your property insurance - as a holiday property, you will have business insurance that protects you when guests cause damage. However, if you claim on your insurance, your cost of your insurance might go up next year - think about it carefully.