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Guests damaged our property 

accidentally put a hole in the wall with their elbow apparently and damaged the linen (sheets,pillow cases and mattress protector/pillow protector) by sleeping on them after getting fresh tattoos and the black ink left marks everywhere. 

The guests came and told us!

They apologised but said they cannot pay for it until they are paid again in two week ...

We gathered 3 quotes and went with the best one $175 to repair the gyprock etc.. worked out the damages for the linen,expense for extra cleaning  costs plus having to close for a night to allow for repairs to be done and the paint to dry etc 

We sent them a bill for $372.84 and just said $350 would be ok. 

The invoice date came around and the payment was not made... they messaged us again and said that they had been in a car accident and had to pay for medical bills first. 

We agreed on 6th November and they were happy with that (x1 month after the damages) 

It is now 12/11/2020 and this has not been paid! We can not charge their card ourselves as it has insufficient funds and we can not longer get hold of them via phone or email. 

What would you do?? says to work it out with the guests yourself before involving them...if they get involved what will they do?? 

Please help as we are over $350 out of pocket. 


Kind regards,


BrookAve 2 years ago


1. The police wont be getting involved.

2. This would be called a 'small claims court' action here, but the amount does not justify the effort and cost involved.


Simply write it off as an expense.



BrookAve 2 years ago

thank you moderator i was about to ask for a cleanup on here