Declaring double beds or twin beds in our apartments

I need some help with allowing our apartments to be selected for a double or a twin.  Neither the room amenities nor the room description allow this for the apartments.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for the post.

I was waiting for one of our other partners to comment on your request, but it seems they might be a tad busy with the peak season hustle.

Sadly I don't think the platform can do that. It's a straight forward booking programme with a few tweaks but I doubt it has fancy settings like selecting whether the unit has a double or twin bed in.

Unless you list two types of rooms, one with the double bed and the other with the twin and split them. Might not be ideal but it's all I can think of.

Sorry about that, best of luck!

Felipe 5 years ago

Dear Leandri Klopper,

I have the same issue as the one that you describe and Booking.com did not give me any answer that I cansider satisfactory. If we offer a flat with inside few rooms and as an example 3 singe beds and 1 double bed ...

That unit will not pop up for guest when they filter with "double bed" neither "2 single beds" as inside the same unit there is other beds ....

From my point of view we should be able to still display this case as we can consider that we are not shitting the guest and he will still have what he is looking for (a couple to sleep in the same bed or friends to sleep in separate beds what ever is the arrangment).

Obvioulsy when you have 3 o 4 beds in the unit is not 1 double or 2 single beds but the answer to the guest is from my point of view still the same and even better in a flat ...

I strongly think that Booking.com should take this case as an "exception" and allow flats or family rooms to still being selected inside this filter of double bed and 2 single and even more when we apply prices link to the occupancy.

Let see if more ppl join this topic and being able to raise our voice in order to get some actions.

Jaen Apartment

Patrinaalewis 5 years ago

THank you folks. I only have a small B & B with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. I have discribed 1 room as twin with shared bathroom but you can't make that clear with a double so we have bought twin beds. Now I, still, can't change the description as Booking.com tells me I have people booked in. Right now, I have no one booked in but it still won't allow me to change it. As you all know, to avoid bad reports, it is very important to give clear, accurate descriptions of our rooms.

Maybe I have to remove that room & creat a new one? Thanks for any new comments. Trina

Felipe 5 years ago

After month Booking.com has admit that was a bug... but after month it is still not fix and even if it is not critical ... ppl can still book without the filters we can still consider as a major bug as we are out of competition if the guest tick that 2 filters... the only way to "still" be display is either to consider the flat as rooms with the share kitchen, bathroom, living room or ...

To be honest really disapointed about how Booking.com handle this cases and some others ...

On high demand dates they did not bother to check our policies and prices that we carefully change on our channel manager and ask them to double check with us ("Partner") and we when a booking came with 6 month in advance and we raise the issue (not in match with price and policy) 1hour after the request they did not want us to allow the cancelation. Now we are in a grey zone ... Booking.com is bothering us and is unclear and play with us like a cat play with a almost death mouse ...

Booking.com do not care about their bugs, issues, if sales goes well or bad, to change the account manager only when they want but if you ask they do not bother etc etc.

On my side even if I have to give many thanks for the average sales of the last 2 years I also have to give few disapointements on how some low sales have happen, how reviews are done and some issues are handle as well. I like to be positive and look the bright and full side but also know and point some weaknesses.

On my side, my turst on Booking.com is lost and it is also why few days back we decide to resign from Booking.com payment (as we cannot rely on them and do not see so many advantages) it is a bit more hassle to handle payments but we also get the money earlier (when we receive the booking) and not in some cases 45 days after checkout on top of may be some disputes and so on.

Let me also tell you that even if the description and the pictures are perfect you will still be able to get guests that do not pay any attention one the description and pictures of the unit that they book and will still blame you and open legal actions to bother you like hell even if they are wrong... but as the administration allways have to collect money somehow and cannot charge the guest for that ... they will still focus on you to stole you money somehow for somewhat.

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey Felipe ,

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear about your struggles.

So the function still doesn't work?

People manage to book my unit which can sleep a max of 4 for 4 adults and 2-3 children... which is quite annoying as I then have to explaing to the guest that it was their own mistake (they don't like hearing that but it's true as they should read the description before they book).

Best of luck!

Felipe 5 years ago

the function do not work since at least 6 month (when I saw it) but it could have been much more time ... and is just how they query the DataBase ... (no a huge bug to fix).

And when the guest does a mistake bcs he did not read the description or did not want to ... they will mark you with a 2.5 and open complains to the local gov, police office, consumer office, booking itself etc etc etc ... and you will have to give explanation to everyone and as everyone as lost time with the guest storry and will not charge the guest for their time they will try to put the fault on you to sponsor everyone and give everyone with homes, holidays, food and money...

Welcome to Spain