I will not use booking .com next year if I am not allowed to collect a deposit from the guests, my properties are getting trash from booking .com guests and only booking .com guests  NOT AIRBNB OR VRBO, because they collect deposit. Booking.com guests have stolen my brand new vacuum cleaners. irons ,trashed the rooms. smoked weed because they were not worried about not getting deposit refund and I can take such a huge loss with the guest., booking .com male commission over even my cleaners fee and resort fee that I directly pay the other people but does not let me hold a deposit. just last week agues walked away with my brand new vacuum cleaner and my iron and another trashed the place like there was no tomorrow “ played water Mellon fights on the walls. I have picture. I can’t keep letting this happen . where u make $of the top of every my expenses and not let me hold a deposit. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I KNOW a lot of people who are not in favor of your service because of this. I need A SOLUTION TO THIS!!!!!!

BrookAve 3 years ago




  1. Deposit - you are allowed to, no one is stopping you.

    Just BdC wont be doing it for you, thats all.
  2. Damage and theft - Report it under the reservation page to BdC immediately. 
    What city/Country  is it in ?
  3. Deposit solution -  https://sumup.ie/bookingie/  or https://payrexx  ;

    sign up and ask them for payment link option and or virtual terminal, so you can as soon as a booking is made generate a payment link , send to guest to pay with in x hours or void booking.

    The virtual terminal allows you to also take card payment over phone or any other  message


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