dissapointed !

i work with  a Transport Touristique Agency Based in Agadir/MOROCCO  it was created in 2017 so it's fair to say it's a new company . i joined them in 2022 and I work as a sales manager for them

during my work as a sales manager here i found out that many of the clients we work with in transfers  get their reservations from booking, we are being called to work with booking  from other transport agencies but not directly from booking, instead we get reservations from people that claims they work in agadir but the real thing is that they are based in Marrakesh i have nothing against them but this not playing by the rules , because booking as i noticed don't accept new applications , mine has been in hold for two months now ! they monopolized the website nothing more just because they signed up earlier than us .

any chances for us getting to work with booking without intermediates ?

BrookAve 1 year ago



Not really the place for this topic, you would be better off phoning using the public list linked below to discuss.



nope , no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.



Method #4 Public Phone List