Double booking

Booming.com has taken a booking for dates I've already marked as booked (my me)  They do not appear on the calendar as booked by me.


I've emailed booking.com and the guest but had no response from either

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Maureen


  1. As per the terms you signed up with , all bookings made by Guest are automatically confirmed so long as your Extranet calendar has availability showing. There is no one from BdC directly involved in that booking process.  
  2. A double booking occurs due to availability calendar being wrong. i.e. not up to date.  Typical cause is partner is using 2 or more OTA and assumes calendar will auto sync. There is NO AUTO SYNC of calendars. Extranet Calendar cannot initiate, only external can. The preferred solution and best is to sign up for a Channel Manager, such as Cloudbeds, NoBeds. This eliminates the issue.  
  3. They do not appear on the calendar as booked by me. ?? What do you mean? you cannot book in someone yourself. If you are running your own PMS/Channel Manager then that is different all together



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Maureen Tunstead 2 years ago

I took a booking myself for our caravan and marked it as closed on the calendar.

I emailed booking.com and the guest to inform them but neither has responded.