Double booking of property id ***

Dear Booking.com

I just had a double booking at our property id *** and therefor been in contact with you as it is a technical issue which caused the double booking.

We have guesthousegjoel.com as a property where we can help *** to stay in our mobilehome in the same periode and for the same price.

Can you please provide him with this information and make sure to cancel his booking at the property id *** as *** already has booked the house in the same period.

Thank you on before hand.

Best regards,

Jesper Jørgen Brochstedt Rasmussen

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Jesper


This has been known for a long time, dont relie on iCAL sync.for 2 or more OTA, unless you use a Channel Manager to do it.


As for that guest overbooking , message them , make offer alternative and or ask for new dates .


If no agreement, then click request to cancel, which once they receive notification and click agree their refund if prepaid process will start to refund.


Note: no one here will be doing anything only you can.


Reminder: This is Partner Hub Community only.



Kind Regards


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